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Jeremē Holiman

VP, People Ops/Co-founder

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Why Jarvis?

We started working with Jarvis at the end of last summer and have partnered with them ever since. We originally used Jarvis to fill one position, but quickly recognised the value in partnering with them to build out our whole team. I have never seen an external recruiting firm wrap up so quickly! 

I would strongly recommend Jarvis to anyone looking for a SaaS recruiter.

Jeremē HolimanVP, People Ops/Co-founder - Clyde

The Jarvis difference

Previously when I worked with other recruitment agencies, I was not happy with the resultsI was receiving loads of unsuitable resumes in an untimely manner. With Jarvis, they took the time to understand our business and what the perfect candidate for our given job role looks like. Jarvis understand the importance of culture, company fit and skills – whereas most recruiters simply look for to see if the candidate has the minimum required skills. 

I find working with Jarvis really fun! Working with Jarvis makes life easier.

Jeremē HolimanVP, People Ops/Co-founder - Clyde

Right people:

Jarvis always present candidates which are super high in quality and have been carefully filtered down to match our exact needs. I never knew such candidates existed! 

Right seat:

By partnering with Jarvis, our recruitment time frame was reduced massively. Jarvis always work efficiently at every stage of the process and add true value to your company by reducing the time it takes to hire the perfect candidate. 

Right time:

Our hiring time was reduced greatly by using Jarvis. They were efficient throughout the whole process and we are pleased we used them! 

If you were to describe Jarvis in one word:


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