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CONTRACT – MS Dynamics Technical Solutions Architect (Eastern / Central Canada)

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Technical Solutions Architect – Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Long-term Contract

This role as a Technical Solutions Architect for D365 (Dynamics 365) involves a set of responsibilities related to the development and maintenance of custom applications built on the D365 platform. Here’s a breakdown of the key responsibilities and tasks associated with this role:

  • Development: The Technical Solutions Architect is responsible for developing custom applications on the D365 platform. This involves writing code, configuring D365 components, and customizing the platform to meet specific business requirements.
  • Coding: Writing and maintaining code is a fundamental part of this role. The architect must be proficient in programming languages and technologies relevant to D365, which may include languages like C#, JavaScript, and others.
  • Testing: Ensuring the quality and functionality of custom applications is crucial. The architect is responsible for designing and conducting tests to identify and resolve any issues or bugs in the applications.
  • Debugging: When issues or errors arise in custom applications, the architect must use debugging techniques and tools to identify the root causes and implement fixes.
  • Maintenance: Custom applications need continuous support and maintenance to keep them running smoothly. This includes applying updates, patches, and making necessary changes as business requirements evolve.
  • Modification: As business needs change, the architect is responsible for modifying existing applications or developing new features and functionalities to align with these changes.
  • Coordination: Collaboration with a team of Application Engineers is essential. The architect must work closely with the engineering team to ensure that development tasks are carried out effectively and in accordance with the architectural design.
  • Architectural Guidance: Providing architectural guidance is a significant aspect of this role. The architect should have a deep understanding of the D365 platform’s architecture and be able to advise the team on best practices, design patterns, and architectural decisions.

In summary, a Technical Solutions Architect for D365 plays a critical role in the development and maintenance of custom applications on the D365 platform. They are responsible for coding, testing, debugging, modifying, and coordinating development efforts while also providing architectural guidance to ensure that the solutions align with the organization’s overall IT strategy and business objectives.

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