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Recruiting the right team is essential for any successful Software as a Service (SaaS) business. Finding the right candidate and hiring them can be difficult if you don’t know where to start.

Fortunately, there are a variety of recruitment tips and strategies that can help you find the perfect person for your open positions. In this article, we discuss some of the most effective strategies for recruiting the best talent for your SaaS business.

1. Use Tech and SaaS Job Platforms

If you’re looking to recruit the best and brightest talent for your SaaS business, one of the best places to find top talent is in tech and SaaS job platforms.

These platforms make targeting and searching for candidates easier based on specific criteria such as experience level, education level, certifications, skillset, and more. They also help you streamline the entire recruitment process by providing features such as automated screening and messaging tools.

By utilizing these platforms, you can easily identify top talent from anywhere in the world. Check out these top tech and SaaS job platforms:

  • Built In: A network of online communities for tech companies and startups. With over a million monthly visitors, Built In is a great place to expand your network and find new talents.
  • Dice: One of the best job boards for US technologists. It has unique search features such as Intellisearch ™ candidate sourcing, AI predictive scores on how likely a candidate is to switch jobs, and a feature removing candidate data that can cause unconscious bias in the sourcing process.
  • Wellfound: Formerly called AngelList, it’s one of the biggest startup hiring platforms in the world. Signing up to Recruit Pro is well worth the price and gives you everything you need to hire tech and SaaS talent.
  •  Tech Ladies: The largest community for women in tech. Its membership is also open to all marginalized people in tech, including transgender and nonbinary people. Major companies such as Meta, Pepsico, and Siemens have used them to diversify their talent pipeline.
  • Hired: A unique tech job board. At Hired, companies apply to interview candidates, not the other way around. This makes it easier to get to know the candidates faster and reduces multiple rounds in the recruitment process.  

2. Force Yourself to Interview at Least 30 Candidates for Each Position

This recruitment tip may seem daunting and time-consuming; however, it can provide many benefits when done correctly.

By forcing yourself to interview at least 30 individuals before making a decision on who should fill the role, you increase the chances of finding the ideal candidate who best fits your company culture and job requirements.

Not only will this give you a better understanding of what type of person is out there and available, but it also ensures that no stone will be left unturned when searching for qualified individuals who could potentially become part of your team.

3. Hire External Recruiters and Be Good to Them

External recruiters can help you identify and secure quality candidates for your SaaS business. They have multiple recruitment sources and offer expertise in areas such as resume screening, interviewing techniques, salary negotiation, and more.

To ensure a successful hiring process, it’s important to treat external recruiters exceptionally well. Be nice to them.

Show them respect and appreciation for their hard work by providing timely feedback on interviews, promptly responding to emails or calls, being transparent about any issues that might arise during recruitment, and offering competitive compensation packages when they find qualified candidates who fit your needs.

Remember to be responsive. After each interview, immediately email the recruiter your feedback. If you don’t respond to an email from a recruiter with a great candidate, she might lose faith in you.

Also, don’t worry about the cost. Getting a great candidate is worth 10% to 20% of the first-year salary.

4. Hire An Internal Recruiter as Early as You Can

An internal recruiter can provide a personal touch to your recruitment process, allowing them to understand your culture and company values. This will help them source the right talent that’s a perfect fit for roles in your SaaS business.

The biggest advantage to hiring an internal recruiter is they help you save time.

As soon as you hire more than one employee per month, individual managers and employees won’t be able to manage everything in the recruitment process— they will be too busy with meetings, managing projects, and juggling other work tasks.

Another benefit is that they’re familiar with more recruiting resources, so they know exactly where to look for top-notch SaaS talent as well as manage your company’s sourcing on LinkedIn, Wellfound, and other important hiring platforms.

Plus, internal recruiters have access to existing employee networks which can be utilized when looking for referrals or new hires. Having them in your company eliminates the need for extra research and helps speed up the recruitment process.

5. Have Candidates Complete a Skills Test Before the First Interview

There’s a reason internal recruiters like skills tests—it helps them save time and avoid bad candidates.

Having candidates complete a skills test before their first interviews ensure that you get top-notch candidates. The tests should focus on key areas related to the job role, such as coding, problem-solving, or customer service.

Skill tests give you a better understanding of a potential candidate’s qualifications and capabilities, allowing you to make more informed decisions when deciding which candidates should move forward in the recruitment process.

Additionally, skills tests will help you compare applicants more objectively instead of relying solely on resumes and interviews, which can be biased or unreliable.

Final Thoughts

Recruiting the right employees is essential for any SaaS business. Using these five recruitment tips, you can increase your chances of finding and hiring talented personnel to help your SaaS business grow.

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