We are more than a Recruiter.
We are a Talent Partner.

First and foremost, we are not a traditional recruitment agency. We are different by design.

Now you have found Jarvis, you don’t need to work with overpriced recruitment agencies who are transactional by nature and only focused on getting paid. You can leave behind their methods which lead to unfilled positions, hiring the wrong people, high staff turnover, lower morale, missed project deadlines, and increased workplace stress.

You can join the Talent Revolution and hire with Jarvis.

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We get the right people,
in the right seats,
at the right time.

You can have the best business model in the world, but if you do not have the right staff in the right seats at imperical moments, how will your model perform? Will your business be able to grow to its full potential? How will your organisation by percieved by others through your people?

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Relationship driven: It’s about long-term success

Recruitment Agency

Transaction driven: It’s about making a placement and collecting their cash

Defined transparent process: Structured and clear recruitment process

Black art: No structure or recruitment plan defined

Work with you: A champion for your brand focused on helping you hire the right people for long-term success

Work for themselves: Solely driven by the placement fee

Regular communication: Set project meetings to update you at every stage of the process

Sporadic communication: Only wants to speak to you when it suits them and expects you to respond immediately

Hire the right people in the right seats: We understand hiring the right people is what leads to greatness

Hire anyone: Will place anyone as long as they get paid

Ownership: We are passionate about the importance we play in helping you hire the right people to grow your business

Non-committal: If they find someone great, if not plenty more clients in the sea

Lower your costs: Increase employee retention, boost team moral, identify potential employee concerns

Cost you so much more than their fee: Hiring the wrong people costs you 10 x the recruitment fee

HR Consultant: We work with you to improve the candidate experience, training your hiring managers on interview techniques, help you with diversity hiring, provide a dedicated ATS, improve or build you career site, create your employer value proposition, and much more…


If you don’t have the right people, what happens:

Demotivated staff
High churn rate
Missed project deadlines
Loss of resource
Reputation damage

Right people Jarvis

Results matter

It’s time to
hire with Jarvis


Days to receive qualified candidates


% Reduction in time to hire


% Offer acceptance rate

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