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Reduction in time to hire

Testimony by
Nadine Venn

HR & Office Manager

About Data Impact

Data Impact is a tech company, thoroughly dedicated to innovation and continual improvement. They transform eCommerce data into actionable insights.

Why Jarvis?

We are a Paris based company and were looking to build a team within the US. Jarvis came highly recommended similar FMCG businesses.

I was impressed with the almost immediate response I received following my enquiry. I felt incredibly impressed with Jarvis’s reactivity and open mindedness to our situation and decided to partner with them. I haven’t regretted the decision.

I really enjoyed working with Jarvis; it has been a great pleasure.

Nadine VennHR & Office Manager - Data Impact

The Jarvis difference

Jarvis were a true pleasure to work when compared to other recruiters. They were very open and as objective as possible. Jarvis had great industry knowledge and were incredibly persistent in the search for our ideal candidate.

I would highly recommend Jarvis.

Nadine VennHR & Office Manager - Data Impact

Right people:

The candidates presented to us were spot on and of a great standard. They candidates were what we were looking for and have made excellent team members. 

Right seat:

Due to Jarvis’s extensive industry knowledge, we felt they were well equipped and capable of helping us build out our US team. 

Right time:

Our hiring time was reduced greatly by using Jarvis. They were efficient throughout the whole process and we are pleased we used them! 

If you were to describe Jarvis in one word:


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