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Retention after 12 months

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Melissa & Doug

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Why Jarvis?

We were introduced to Jarvis through Salesforce directly, as we contacted Salesforce to ask for a recommendation to a recruitment agency who would help us build out our Salesforce B2B Commerce team. Salesforce recommended Jarvis highly, and since using them, we can see why.

They are not only having access to great candidates, but they are also keen to learn how your business works and the internal culture within. We feel these are great attributes to have within your Talent Partner, and are the reasons we have had such success with our placed candidates.

Jarvis were a crucial part in our development of our B2B salesforce commerce cloud team.

Melissa & Doug

The Jarvis difference

Jarvis’s industry and platform knowledge is incredible. They truly understand the eCommerce marketplace and what a great Salesforce Commerce Cloud candidate looks like. Jarvis have access to a huge range of such candidates, and these candidates are not available on the main stream job boards!

The candidate quality was significantly above what we found previously to partnering with Jarvis.

Melissa & Doug

Right people:

The talent Jarvis present to us is way above the industry average. They are consistent in finding candidates that match all of our criteria.

Right seat:

As Salesforce Commerce Cloud experts, Jarvis were able to come in, review our business needs and advice the type of job roles we needed to fill to deliver our mission. They were able to decipher what positions we needed to fill to build our internal Salesforce B2B Commerce team.

Right time:

Our partnership with Jarvis has led to being able to find highly qualified and experienced candidates in a short time period, and therefore has reduced our recruitment time significantly.

If you were to describe Jarvis in one word:


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