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Many companies still rely solely on their in-house recruiting teams or external job postings to source candidates. Unfortunately, this approach often falls short in the fierce competition for top talent in fields like eCommerce, SaaS, and ERP leading to extended vacancies and compromised project timelines.

The solution? Consider partnering with a tech-focused staffing agency like Hire with Jarvis.

Specialized staffing agencies offer unparalleled access to passive candidates, niche skill sets, and accelerated hiring—catalysing your growth in the tech sector.


Why Choose a Tech Staffing Agency?

The quest for exceptional tech talent is fraught with challenges. Job roles are becoming increasingly specialized, and the biggest names in tech are constantly snapping up skilled professionals.

When it comes to engineering, it isn’t just one field—engineering spans a variety of disciplines, each with its own set of complex requirements.

Here’s why choosing a specialized staffing agency makes a difference:


1. Enhanced Network Reach for Tech Engineers

A tech staffing agency like ours serves as your gateway to a broader world of tech talent.

Unlike in-house teams, which may have limited reach, we’ve cultivated a vast network of connections. This includes ties with educational institutions, active participation in tech conferences, and engagement in industry forums—all of which significantly deepen our connections.

More importantly, we tap into hidden pools of passive job seekers—highly skilled individuals who are not actively searching for jobs but are open to exciting opportunities.

Our network covers a wide range of tech specializations, from software development and cybersecurity to emerging fields like artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

By leveraging our extensive network, we swiftly connect you with candidates who possess the highly sought-after skills needed to meet even the most specific technical requirements.


2. Deep Market Insights on Tech Engineers

Our team of recruitment and staffing experts does much more than just introduce you to potential candidates; they truly understand the ins and outs of the tech market. They have a thorough grasp of not only technical skills but also salary expectations and the subtle nuances of cultural fit across various tech domains and locations.

We stay on top of the latest tech trends and developments, which allows us to anticipate the evolving demands for specific skills in the industry and adjust our recruitment strategies to stay ahead.

With our deep market insights, we help you find candidates who aren’t just qualified but who also truly fit with what your company stands for. Finding the right person who aligns with your company’s goals does more than just fill a position—it strengthens your team and increases retention, ensuring your employees are engaged and committed for the long haul.


3. Reduced Time-To-Hire for Tech Engineers

Let’s face it: In business, speed can be as crucial as quality.

When you partner with a tech staffing agency like Hire with Jarvis, we handle all the heavy lifting for you— from the initial screenings and detailed assessments to the interviews and final negotiations. This means you don’t have to juggle your regular responsibilities with the additional stress of hiring.

Our streamlined recruitment process not only lightens your workload but also speeds up the hiring cycle significantly. What typically might take months, we can accomplish in weeks.


4.  Attracting the Best Candidates in Tech Engineering

Top tech engineers are always on the lookout for their next great opportunity. They often interview with multiple companies and receive several offers.

In this competitive landscape, simply having a job opening isn’t enough to grab their attention.

At our staffing agency, we take a dynamic approach to recruitment. We don’t just list job openings; we market them.

We develop tailored recruitment campaigns for each position, highlighting the unique aspects of your company culture, the interesting projects your team is working on, and the growth opportunities available.

We also ensure that job listings are optimized for visibility on the right platforms where top engineers are most likely to see them. We leverage everything from specialized tech job boards and professional networking sites to tech forums and online communities.

We also use our connections in the industry to find top engineers through referrals. We often ask the professionals we know to recommend the best talent they know. This helps us find great candidates who might not be actively looking for jobs but are interested in new opportunities if they come through someone they trust. This method ensures we get high-quality candidates perfectly suited to your needs.


Specialized Tech Engineering Roles We Hire For

From ecommerce and SaaS to ERP and cybersecurity, each tech domain requires specific skills and knowledge. Our targeted recruitment approach pinpoints the niche requirements of these sectors, sourcing candidates who are not only qualified but are ideal fits for the roles.

Here are some of the specialized tech and engineering roles we recruit for:

Ecommerce Developers

These professionals focus on creating and optimizing online shops and platforms. They implement technologies that enhance user experience and integrate various payment systems for smooth and secure transactions.

Many are well-versed in popular ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and BigCommerce.


SaaS Developers

These experts specialize in developing scalable, cloud-based applications using a variety of programming languages and frameworks such as React, NodeJS, JavaScript, Python, AWS, and APIs.

Their software solutions optimize performance, enhance security, streamline operations, and improve efficiency for businesses.


ERP Specialists

They streamline business processes by integrating all necessary operations into a single, efficient system. They also design and manage software that supports resource planning, management activities, and enhances enterprise efficiency.

ERP specialists are skilled in using many top ERP software programs, like Syteline (Infor), Sage, Netsuite, SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics (D365), Epicor, and Acumatica.


Software Engineers

Often referred to interchangeably with “Software Developers” in the United States, these professionals handle the crucial task of crafting, testing, and refining software systems, and applications.

They expertly select the best programming languages, frameworks, and system architectures tailored to meet your unique business needs.


Looking for the Best Tech Engineers? Let’s Get Started!

While it may be overlooked, partnering with an accomplished tech staffing agency like Hire with Jarvis offers game-changing benefits for hiring managers seeking top talent.

Our expansive professional networks and technical recruiting expertise deliver passive candidates across critical tech and engineering specializations quickly. We also tailor our recruitment efforts to precisely fit your needs, ensuring a perfect match between our candidates and your project goals.

Secure the tech talent that drives innovation and growth in your business. Partner with Jarvis today and elevate your recruitment strategy to meet the demands of your business.

Reach out to us today and learn how we can help you achieve your hiring goals.

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