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Each month, Google processes more than 300 million job-related searches. If you want to reach those qualified candidates looking for their next career opportunity, search engine optimization (SEO) for your recruitment website is essential. 

The purpose of search engine optimization is to get your website ranked based on algorithms. 

For recruitment agencies, the need for a strong and competitive SEO solution increases exponentially when you consider the competitive nature of the industry.  The aggressive recruitment environment means that keeping up with your closest competitors is the absolute minimum needed to stay relevant. 

Here are our top SEO tips for your recruitment agency: 

Keyword research 

To determine what keywords to include on your pages, you’ll need to do keyword research. Start out by brainstorming potential keywords and analyzing your competitors’ job listings and keywords, then use keyword research tools to expand and evaluate your list. 

For example, if you are a SaaS recruitment agency, your keywords may include ‘SaaS recruiters’, ‘SaaS jobs’ ‘SaaS recruitment agency’. 

Incorporate your keywords throughout your site 

Once you have found the keywords you need, it is time to incorporate them on your site. You can start by including them in your body copy. For further optimization, you should add them to HTML elements, your page title, and header tags. 

Optimize website for mobile search 

The candidates looking for your recruitment agency may be using their mobile phones to find you! Therefore, to reach these candidates, you need to ensure that your pages are mobile friendly and are optimized. Your website needs to be user-friendly for mobile users for success. 

To make this happen, the content should be readable, navigating between the pages should be straightforward and there should be no pinching or zooming required to read the content. Another great idea to implement would be that candidates are able to submit their CV to your website using their mobile phone. 

Publish quality content 

Every new piece of content is another opportunity to use keywords that will help boost your site’s visibility in search engine results. High-quality content results in a better Google ranking! 

Not sure what content to post? You can use your keyword research (as described above) to help you identify topics that your target audience is interested in. Once you have shared some great relevant content, it is vital that you continue to do so and update your site content frequently – SEO does not happen overnight! 

Furthermore, by regularly adding new content, you will encourage clients and candidates to visit your site on a regular basis. This will in turn result in a higher ranking in the search results. 

Build links 

Link building is a highly effective strategy that can be implemented to improve SEO for your recruitment agency. Link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to your website, with the overall arching goal of improving your SEO.  

Google recognises links from other sites, as a sign that your website is authoritative and provides quality information. For google to recognise your links, you need to make sure that the websites that link to yours are trustworthy and credible.  

However, earning links to your site is often easier said than done. When you create quality content, other sites may link to it naturally. But most of the time, you’ll need to reach out to other site owners and let them know about your content to create links to your recruitment website! 

Share employment opportunities on social media 

You can also use social media to support your SEO strategy, and build brand awareness, by pushing out content that drives people to go to your website. LinkedIn and Twitter are the best social media platforms to reach prospective candidates, as this is where many frequently spend their online time. 

Our content suggestions include sharing employment opportunities, career advice and tips on how to expand online reach. 

Last note… 

Here at Jarvis, we are more than recruiters. We are Talent Partners.  

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