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Average days to receive qualified candidates

Testimony by
Curtis Schrum

Director of Engineering

About Trellis

Trellis is a full-service digital agency specializing in eCommerce. Trellis focus on data – driven strategies to drive traffic, engagement, and conversion for industry-leading B2C and B2B brands. They truly have mastered the leading eCommerce platforms, Magento & Shopify, and the leading CMS platform, WordPress in order to help their customers grow online.

Why Jarvis?

I first partnered with Jarvis through them being the recruitment agency who placed me within my role at Trellis. From a Candidate perspective, they are consistent, thorough and always follow up. I was so impressed with Jarvis as a candidate, I used them to fill various roles within my Magento team. Jarvis work really quick and are consistent in finding resumes which match your criteria. The communication with Jarvis was, and always is, great. They even check in and ring post-interview to check how we got on, and how they can help us further during the next steps.

Most recruiters feel like sales partners, Jarvis felt like a partner. Jarvis offers a personalized experience.

Curtis SchrumDirector of Engineering - Trellis

The Jarvis difference

Jarvis can be set apart by their seamless communication. The communication is consistent, consistence and always present when needed. With other recruitment agencies, communication tends to be sporadic and come in waves, putting you under pressure. Jarvis work in partnership with you, and therefore are there every step of the way.

Jarvis were highly collaborative and continuously engaged throughout the entire process.

Curtis SchrumDirector of Engineering - Trellis

Right people:

The talent Jarvis present to us is way above the industry average. They are consistent in finding candidates that match all of our criteria.

Right seat:

Due to Jarvis’ extensive industry knowledge, they are not only able to find you excellent candidates, but also advice what positions you need to fill and should consider filling in the future, as your business is expanding. This has meant that we are able to expand our business due to having such high-quality candidates within the right positions.

Right time:

Our partnership with Jarvis has led to being able to find highly qualified and experienced candidates in a short time period, and therefore has reduced our recruitment process time greatly.

If you were to describe Jarvis in one word:


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