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You don’t need to work with overpriced recruitment agencies who are transactional by nature and only focused on getting paid. Leading to unfilled positions, hiring the wrong people, high staff turnover, lower morale, missed project deadlines, and increased workplace stress. Resulting in unhappy customers and costing you money!

Below are ways how partnering with a recruitment agency could benefit your organization.

1. You Save Money

While filling a vacant job position quickly is important, you don’t want to waste money hiring the wrong person.

According to this infographic, a bad hire may cost you up to $57,968. This employee not only wastes your money but may also have a negative impact on the long-term morale and culture of the company.

Because recruitment services are experienced at finding top talent, your odds of hiring a lousy employee are significantly reduced.

Also, keep in mind that recruiting firms interact with a wide variety of candidates on a daily basis and can gauge who would help your company financially. Because training and onboarding a new employee is expensive, it is worthwhile to enlist expert assistance when necessary.

2. You Save Time

The adage ‘Time is money’ is true in business. Imagine all the things you could do instead of combing through applications and CVs.

By partnering with a recruitment agency, you’ll save time because the agency recruiters will handle the initial steps in the hiring process for you.

A recruiting agency will guarantee that the time you spend in the application process is spent wisely on seeing candidates worth considering.

A recruitment agency will also organize interviews and provide all necessary information to candidates – all you have to do is prepare and show up!

Recruitment  agencies handle all administrative concerns, such as communicating with successful and failed candidates and confirming candidate information such as qualifications and references.

When a company partners with a recruiting agency, it reduces the time and in-house resources required for recruitment activities, contributing to a faster turnaround in filling vacancies and an increase in the organization’s efficiency.

3. You Have Access to a Larger Network of Candidates

When you decide to hire more employees, chances are your network of people with relevant skills and experience is limited.

By partnering with a recruiting agency, you receive access to a larger pool of individuals, most of whom are eager to further their careers and can be reached out to almost instantly.

They will have gone through a rigorous recruiting process in which recruiters will have evaluated their technical, educational, and behavioral competencies.

The recruitment agency will also clearly understand what the applicant is looking for in their future career and how an employer can best manage their objectives, ensuring that time is not wasted on unqualified or unsuitable candidates.

4. You Work with Recruiters with Specialized Industry Knowledge like Jarvis

Many recruitment  services professionals specialize in a specific field. Some popular specializations include:

  • IT recruitment
  • hospitality recruitment
  • healthcare recruitment
  • administrative recruitment
  • executive recruitment

Compared to a generalist recruiter, niche recruiters go beyond the local population of candidates and dive deeper into a particular skill type.

Working with recruiters who have industry-specific expertise means they know more about a particular business sector.

They tend to be experts and industry insiders. They’re aware of market trends, wage levels, benefits, and the most up-to-date skill sets needed to succeed in your industry.

5. With Jarvis You Experience a More Streamlined Hiring Process

Remember, Jarvis and its recruiters are experts in their field and are hired to take the stress out of the hiring process.

Each stage is done as effectively as possible on your behalf – interview scheduling, contract exchange, communicating with rejected applicants, and ensuring they adjust smoothly to their new surroundings.

When you partner with Jarvis, you interact with a single point of contact throughout the recruiting process, resulting in a more efficient and simplified hiring process.

6. You Have Access to Additional Services

Almost all recruitment agencies can conduct necessary background checks on candidates.

For most businesses, doing background checks on their own can be costly and time-consuming because it involves following up on references, conducting preliminary interviews, and ensuring the individual matches what they promise on their CV.

Other examples of additional services recruitment agencies may have:

  • Onboarding Services – collecting work documents, issuing health and safety documentation, etc.
  • Offer Temporary Staffing Services – filling in seasonal work positions, handling secondments, recruiting freelancers, etc.
  • Job ads management – recruitment copywriter services to write jobs, building job profiles based on internal documentation, and laser-targeting job ad marketing strategy.

7. You Have Jarvis a Talent Partner for your Business

While the primary role of Jarvis is to find the best personnel for your company, it also provides other services.

Some agencies advise on human resources [C15] concerns, employee engagement methods, appraisal writing, and recruitment coaching for non-HR managers based on their industry, specialty, expertise, and broad experience.

Work with Only the Best! Partner with Jarvis Recruitment Today!

It’s easier to save time, find the right people, and fill your available positions faster with the Jarvis Recruitment Group.

Our global network of recruiters has over two decades’ worth of total experience in the US and international recruitment industry. We partner with our clients to scope the needs of the positions to determine the core skills and qualifications required for the job.

Whether you’re trying to quickly fill an open position or determined to find your next rockstar employee, we’re here to help.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s work together to make your firm the success it should be.