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Jarvis Employees Volunteer and Paint to Celebrate Earth Day 

By May 9, 2022June 17th, 2022No Comments

Earth Day is a time to appreciate our planet and all that it has to offer. Jarvis employees got their hands dirty this year by volunteering their time at a local cleanup drive and painting succulent planters at the company’s Miami and Fort Lauderdale offices.  

Paints, Pots, and Plants 

An easy way to connect with nature is through art. Nature continues to inspire artistic forms because nature provides us with a wealth of fascinating phenomena. It is no wonder major Green Festivals, Earth Day events, museums, and educational venues conduct earth-friendly painting and crafting activities to inspire visitors.  

While many of our employees may not be deft with a paintbrush, they did their best to channel their inner Van Gogh at an in-office succulent planter painting activity. 

The event, led by Associate Talent Director Prince Menckeberg and Talent Acquisition Specialist Daneli Lara, was held simultaneously for Miami and Fort Lauderdale office employees. Microsoft Teams video meeting allowed both groups to communicate and show off their creations to one another. 

Employees painted small outdoor planters with their desired colors and designs. After the paint dried, they filled their pots with soil and flowering succulents. These succulent planters will add a charming pop of color to their office and working spaces. 

Earth Day Playground Clean Up 

A clean, up-kept neighborhood helps everyone in the community. Unfortunately, certain areas need attention and cleaning. Tidying up your neighborhood also significantly impacts both the community and the environment. 

Several of our employees chose to do a more hands-on approach by volunteering their time at a local cleanup project.  

The morning started with volunteers meeting at YWCA South Florida, where they were given an orientation about the event. For this cleanup drive, volunteers will work to clean a park that the organization will use for this year’s summer camp. Unused for two years, the park has accumulated litter and underwent minimal maintenance during Covid lockdowns in Miami. 

With garbage bags in hand, volunteers worked together to remove litter and waste from the playground. The Jarvis team helped to rake leaves, pick up trash, and sweep away debris.  

The playground cleanup was a terrific way to raise awareness of the local community and its waste-reduction efforts. Our employees felt a sense of community and responsibility to keep our homes and public spaces safe and clean. They have also gained an increased interest and involvement in reducing garbage and food waste and environmental preservation. 

Melissa Williams, People Operations Manager at Jarvis says, “There was and still is a lot of work to be done, but it felt great to be able to initiate the start of that project for the YWCA.”  

Once the project is finished, the result of this hard work and collaboration will be a clean, litter-free area for the local community to enjoy.