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Jarvis is proud to host our annual USA Sales Conference, which guides our US based recruitment leaders and talent partners into the future with inspiration and insights. We remain determined to help our workforce navigate the ever-changing industry this year while celebrating their perseverance in the past years. 

This year, the sales conference was held at the beautiful InterContinental Hotel Miami to map out business thrusts and strategies for 2022. The event brought together the Jarvis Recruitment Group’s leaders and top employees to share their experiences and help members stay ahead of the field. 

Aside from learning sessions to help the company set agendas and strategies for the year, the conference also recognized the achievements of our employees and partners. 

Kevin Jarvis: Our CEO

The conference commenced with an opening presentation from CEO Kevin Jarvis.  

Aptly titled “The Jarvis Journey,” Jarvis talked about his humble beginnings in the UK, his move to the United States, and his 22-year long path to becoming the successful recruiter and businessman he is today. 

He talked about the challenges he faced when he launched the Jarvis Recruitment Group in 2018. “I love recruitment, but I didn’t love the transactional nature of the industry.”, he says. “I knew it could be better. I knew we had to be different.” 

Jarvis explained that this frustration led him to a personal quest to disrupt an industry that he believes has been stuck in the 80s. He sought to create a new kind of recruitment company. 

All his hard work paid off. His vision became a reality. Four years later, Jarvis Recruitment Group grew from a small start-up to a multi-national recruitment company with offices in 14 cities across 5 continents. 

Top Employees Share Their Insights 

The much-applauded opening presentation was followed by a series of break-out sessions led by top recruiters and leaders from the company, including Vice President in Ecommerce Meriam Einhorn, Associate Talent Director Prince Menckeberg, Talent Partner in Headless Matt Moss, Associate Talent Director in Shopify Urszula Kozlowski, and Director of Human Resource and Compliance Jennifer Garbrandt

Vice President in Ecommerce Miriam Einhorn gave a discussion on The Jarvis Difference. 

“We are different by design,” she explains, “We are relationship-driven, not profit-driven. We’re not recruiters; we’re talent partners. We’re not selling; we’re consulting. We’re not market recruiters; we’re market experts.”  

This differentiation sets Jarvis Recruitment Group apart and how we obliterate our competitors. 

Associate Talent Director Prince Menckeberg talked about his personal journey.  

Little did he know he would find professional success and personal satisfaction when he joined the company last year. Within 12 months, he would surpass the $100 thousand mark, be promoted to Senior Talent Partner, and win the Best Newcomer award. 

Talent Partner in Headless Matt Moss also talked about his background in the company and highlighted the importance of understanding and valuing customers in his presentation “Candidates Are King.”  

Associate Talent Director in Shopify Urszula Kozlowski explained to the crowd why she chose to work for Jarvis and how she overcame self-doubt during her early months. 

Talent Partner in Cyber Security Ian Cichocki discussed how to turn customers into raving fans in his presentation, and Director of HR and Compliance Jennifer Garbrandt hosted a segment about Employee Experience. 

Garbrandt also spoke about the improvements Jarvis would roll out for all employees in the upcoming months. These include an increased 10 days of paid time off (PTO), additional 3 days of Mental Health Days, more sick days, and a hybrid and flex schedule. 

Jarvis Goes from Startup to Scale Up 

The conference highlighted the company’s growth and future plans. CEO Kevin Jarvis revealed the company’s 5-year plan, which aims to have a compound annual growth rate of 50 percent and revenue of $57 million by 2026. 

The event culminated with an announcement of more rewarding commission plans for Talent Partners and awards to outstanding employees.  

Winners include Matt Ross for Rookie of the Year, Urszula Kozlowski for Rising Star Award, Nathan Vidal for The Jarvis Difference Award, Kristen Parisi for the Positive Vibes Award, Miriam Einhorn for the Love What You Do Award, Shihan Fernando for Global MVP, Gabe Dillon for Top Global Biller, and Ian Cichocki for Manager of the Year. 

The big winners of the night were Shopify for Team of the Year award and Prince Menckeberg, who bagged two awards for Best Newcomer and Be Selfless Award.