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Headhunting is the process of finding and recruiting individuals to fill senior positions in organisations. A head-hunter tends to be employed when an organisation has a hard-to-fill vacancy at a high level, or they believe that their ideal candidate currently has the job at a different organisation. Candidates have been noted to like being headhunted, as it provides new job and career opportunities without the search. But, how can you demonstrate that you are open to being head-hunted? 

Our recruiter’s advice

Ian Cichocki, a Vice President of Magento Recruitment at Jarvis Cole, shares his top tips…  

“The key to getting headhunted in eCommerce lies within specialization, continuous learning, community involvement, and skills listed on your LinkedIn page. eCommerce platforms widely differ in programming, functionality, and appearance, which is why it is key to target specific platforms to specialize in. Most companies that are hiring for eCommerce professionals are looking for a particular skillset within one platform, such as Magento, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or Big Commerce. Each of these technologies offer certifications and courses that allow for continuous learning and specialization.  

A new certification can easily be advertised on your LinkedIn profile, along with any recent courses taken in order to increase the amount of views and likeliness of getting headhunted. Regarding community involvement, make sure to join eCommerce professional groups that you take interest in and engage within the community by posting/liking/commenting.  

Lastly, it’s important to advertise each of your skills on LinkedIn. A candidate is more likely to be headhunted for a specific role when the exact skills required for the position are listed on their profile.” 

Last note…

Here at Jarvis Cole, we specialise in headhunting for all positions within the eCommerce industry. However, we also recruit regularly for a variety of eCommerce roles.  

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