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The theme of International Women’s Day (IWD) this year is ‘Choose to Challenge’. Jarvis Recruitment Group (Jarvis) stands with Women across the globe and chooses to challenge all inequalities within the workplace.

The recruitment industry is notoriously known to have a misogynistic boys’ club mentality,

with a significant amount of the staff being male, and those who are female being in lower levelled position. A recent survey by the American Staffing Association found that less that 2 in 10 staffing executives are women. This is simply not good enough, and something our CEO and Founder Kevin Jarvis is very passionate about changing.

Jarvis are on a mission. We want to change the way the world recruits. This includes getting the right people in the right seats at the right time; regardless of the individual’s gender, sexuality, race, age, disability and any other factor that is not relevant to an employee’s performance. In 2020 though ongoing growth Jarvis needed to hire a Group President lead our global business. From the outset Kevin said he wanted to hire a female for this role, and he was delighted when he connected with Kellie Kwarteng, a highly accomplished and respected senior recruitment executive based in the UK.  The appointment of Kellie means our Executive team is now 66% female, and our global business headcount is split 50% male / 50% female something we are extremely proud of. 

Diversity is a core belief at Jarvis, and not in a “tick box” way like many organizations.  We have carefully designed our business and our diversity strategy to achieve our diversity metrics.  We plan our hires carefully, and we have a culture that supports everyone free from biases. However, in recruitment, it is estimated that only 9% of managers are female. Jarvis are actively working to challenge the status quo. Not only are we comprised of a female dominated board, BUT more importantly, we are teaching our Talent Partners how to remove biases as part of their important role in the hiring process both internally and for our clients.

We choose to challenge and call out all biases, including gender and strongly believe that in doing this we will see change. We make these decisions to forge an inclusive work culture where all individual’s careers thrive, and achievements are celebrated. This will lead to getting the right people, in the right seats, at the right time.

Jarvis Recruitment Group not only look to combat diversity issues within our organisation, but we also support other organisations to do the same. We offer consultancy and methods in diversity talent acquisition management. We have extensive experience in conducting focused searches to increase diversity and help you get the right people in the right seats.

This International Women’s Day, meet, challenge and defy expectations, by getting in touch and creating your diverse hiring strategy.   Contact Kellie Kwarteng 

Reference : Less Than Two in 10 Staffing Executives Are Women

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